About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Pierre-Francois Houessou and I am a seven years on-prem infrastructure administrator. I have worked in industries such as global NGOs and government.
In the seven years of my IT career, I have been primarily focused in operations, break/fix and administration of desktops, servers, networks and storage systems. Most of my career, I have specialized in Windows administration on servers and Microsoft 365 workloads.
In 2019, I was given the opportunity to work on migrating users to Exchange online, OneDrive and SharePoint. I was so excited passionate about the thing that I even became the POC for M365 workloads in my team. I eventually got M365 certified Enterprise Administrator Expert.
In early 2020, with the pandemic requiring us to work from home, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and explore more cloud related services - not only SaaS. I started learning AWS and quite liked it. I got certified AWS CCP and AWS Solutions Architect Associate and I spend most of my free time learning cloud engineering and doing labs. You can find my work in the Projects section.
I am currently looking for opportunities as a Cloud Engineer, Cloud Administrator or Cloud Solutions Architect, so if my profile inspires you, feel free to refer me or contact me for job opportunities.
I also build and fly FPV drones as a hobby.

Contact Details

Pierre-Francois Houessou
Cotonou, Benin | I am currently relocating to Canada


Volunteer Experience

Cloud Engineer March 2020 - Present

- Build and deploy serverless web applications on AWS
  Took advantages of the AWS Serverless Application Model SAM Framework to deploy 100%   serverless backend services - API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, SNS and Cognito.
  Frontend service built with JavaScript/HTML and hosted on S3 behind a CloudFront   distribution.
  Deployment pipeline with GitHub repository and GitHub Actions - Build, test and deploy   using Docker containers.
  Monitoring enabled through CloudWacth metrics and Logs.
- WordPress websites hosting on AWS
  Core infrastructure components deployed using CloudFormation stacks – VPC, Subnets,   Security Groups.
  EC2 instances are targets for one autoscaling Group which scales out/in based on   CloudWatch metrics for the ALB (heath checks) and a predefined load of the overall EC2   fleet.
  RDS instances deployed with primary and read replicas across multiple availability zones.
  Monitoring enabled using CloudWatch Metrics and Logs.
- Event triggered application to run ETL jobs for data analytics
  Backend service deployed using the SAM Framework: Lambda for data manipulation and   DynamoDB for data storage, SNS triggers by DynamoDB streams when new data is added,   Processed data queried using Athena.
  AWS QuickSight for real-time data analytics.
- Improving application performance with ElastiCache for Redis
  Deployed a Redis cluster for data caching to improve the performance of a web application   relying on RDS PostgreSQL.

US Department of State

Systems Administrator October 2017 - Present

- System administration, maintenance and support - Active Directory, Exchange, M365,   SharePoint, GPO, PowerShell
- Network device health monitoring - VMware hosts & VMs, Storage, CPU, RAM,   PowerShell scripts for device health check
- Application management - Microsoft SQL databases management, Enterprise Apps,   Google Suite, CRM
- Mobile device management - Microsoft Intune and VMware AirWatch
- Customer service - Digital solutions approach to confront customers' needs, Technical   trainings to users, IT Service management with ServiceNow

UN World Food Programme

IT Operations Assistant (Team Lead) November 2015 - September 2017

- Managed IT infrastructure for misison critical business services in a 24/7 envirenment -   Windows servers, Active Directory, Exchange, MySQL databases, Network and IP phones
- Forecasted project costs maintaining budget deviation of no more than +/- 5 percent
- Application management and users support - Delivered application oriented hand-son   trainings to users
- Collaboration with other UN agences IT staffs in the country for several common projects   one of them: Digital Mobile Radio project which consisted of deploying an updated   UHF/VHF radios network over IP
- Mobile device management - Intune, Citrix


University of Management Sciences and Technology - Benin

Master's degree - Informatin Systems, Network and Security 2014

Assessed by World Education Services WES – ECA #4109960IMM
Modules included: System and Network Administration, System and Network Security, IT System and Services Management & QoS
Those courses aim for a high level of training in methods of conception, design and management: Systems and Networks Architecture, System Security, Optimization and QoS, Systems or Software tools specific to all sectors of activity, thus meeting the needs of fast-growing companies.


AWS Certified Solutions Architect

May 2021

Microsoft Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert

Jan 2021

MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

Jun 2018

CompTia Security +

Nov 2017


I am a daily learner and I make sure to confront my skills with hands-on practical experience. I am currently focusing on cloud services especially AWS and IaC tools.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Serverless
  • Python
  • Scripting & Automation
  • Infrasctructure as Code (IaC)
  • CI/CD
  • Windows System Administration